Thursday, December 11, 2014

Foxtail Night CLub At SLS

So let me start by saying I think I missed the best part of the Foxtail. This club opens up on to the massive Foxtail Pool Club and boasts an expansive pool deck, a massive central pool bar and lounging area. Or so I have been informed. After the fact! This is meant to be an upscale lounge and open format nightclub, thought the human sized bird cages hanging from the ceiling blurs the lines of upscale lounge if you ask me.

This club just opened up labor day weekend so it is relatively new to the club scene in Vegas and at 8,000 square feet, its quite a good sized. 28 VIP tables, elaborate chandeliers, the latest in LED technology, and a raw display of street art by master calligrapher Tarek Benaoum complete the details.

And we OBVIOUSLY had to get in to the cages! How could we not?

The drink M is holding below is the signature drink that was served here at the Foxtail. Its a pineapple something! Not quite sure what that something is, but it sure was good!

Some of the appetizers served. Not shown, there was also a cone of a tuna tartar of some kind that M tried and said was ok.


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