Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cosmetic Market - A Hidden Gem In NYC

It does not cease to amaze and shock me that so many people do not know that the Cosmetic Market exists! REALLY??? Picture a store with the concept of TJ Maxx, Winners or Marshalls but only for cosmetics! I was walking through Sephora Times Square right after shopping and was carrying a Cosmetic Market bag when two different employees from Sephora stopped me to ask me where the store was and what kind of store it was. 

Now lets get real. Just like at Marshalls or Winners, sometimes you find tons, sometimes not so much. I always find SOMETHING. But after years of going there, some trips are better than others. And the testers are not so cared for and sometimes kind of scary. A totally acceptable trade off for amazing deals! Essie polishes at 3.99! Stila shadows for 3.99!! YES PLEASE!!!

The slogan THE BEST FOR LESS along with word Cosmetic caught their attention. They rooted through my bag and got squealed the entire time! And it took all I had not to scream at them HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THIS STORE EXISTS!!!!!????? 

I had to take some photos for you all! 

Yes, all sorts of Korres eye shadows!! 3.99 for singles 14.99 I think for the quads!!

These Korres lip butters are fantastic (and 4.99)!!! And yes, that is Clarins and Orlane as well you are seeing!!

Stila anyone?

How about Calvin Klein, Vincent Longo or Bobbi Brown?

Molton Brown perhaps (at 9.99!)?

YSL lipsticks for 9.99?

I was very well behaved. I got a few things for myself.

Also, I got a few Intuition refill packs for 5.99 but took the photo of both of them to show you! Prices are fantastic!!!

Have YOU gone to the Cosmetic Market? If so what did YOU think?


  1. Omg why isn't there one of these in Vegas??

  2. I can't believe they do YSL lipsticks for 9.99! That is sooo not fair :( those giant lips are too funny! We don't have anything like this in the UK only TK Maxx but that sucks, you're so lucky :)

  3. oh my gosh this looks like paradise! I wish we could have one in Toronto :)

  4. I've been here many times and I'm overdue for a visit. Only bad thing is that they have limited color selections. Clinique lipsticks but not so many color choices, etc. Some items are always there and some you get by chance. So if you see a good deal, buy a bunch. I would highly recommend a trip there! I drop $25-30 every time but get lots of goodies.



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