Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why I Shop Salvation Army - And Why YOU SHOULD TOO!!!!

One of my favourite places to thrift in NYC is the Woodside/61st location Salvation Army in Queens. Located half a block off the 7th train it is super easy to get to and you can usually find great things! And at Salvation Army every week a different tag colour is 50% off. Except on Wednesdays (family day) when all tags except ONE colour are 50% off. I went on a Monday and this day all pink tags were half off. 

Now why should you shop thrift? Betsey Johnson, NWT James Pearse, Michael Stars, Michael Kors, Tahari and more! There is NOTHING  you CAN'T find thrift. I have all sorts of insane designer pieces left to show you (YSL, Liberty of London, Armani and more!!) and I hope one day to add Chanel and Hermes to the list!!

Betsy Johnson skirt - 2.99 due to a pink tag meaning half off! thats a 99% savings give or take!

Next up is a Gap wool skirt. This might not be the most exciting purchase, but it fits me PERFECTLY! I will get so much wear out of this piece, you have no idea!! And once more, half off meaning 2.49

A BRAND NEW WITH TAGS JAMES PEARSE maxi skirt/convertable dress!! 7.99

A Tahari blazer. No belt with it, but I will do a bright green, red, blue or yellow belt with this to give it a bit of colour. I love that its a tiny skinny belt needed! 8.99

A simple brown Banana Republic brown sweater. Nothing fancy, nothing special, but a great basic and a great deal at 2.99

A perfect Tahari blouse, in a gorgeous teal colour, in BRAND NEW condition for 1.49!!!

A great fitting super comfortable Michael Stars Tshirt for 2.99

Total Spent? 29.93!!!!

And then, right next door is now another second hand store simply signed THRIFT STORE. I found this great bag there!! It was priced at 25.00 but there was this obnoxious woman in front of me fighting over every single price of every single item. And they finally gave her 10 or 15% off to shut her up. So when I got to the register behind her, the guy apologized to me for the wait, and said he would give me a deal also. He charged me 21.00!

A vintage Michael Kors bag! LOVE!!!


  1. I love your thrifting posts! Can't wait to see what else you found in NYC!

  2. oh lordie that betsey skirt is to die for cute! nice finds!



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