Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Goodwill OUTLET..... How To Make Thrift Even Thriftier.

Ok, so I could spend this post showing you how to get clothing for an uber cheap 1.69 per pound. But NOPE! Im going to take it one step FURTHER and show you how you how I do it! Hold on to your hats folks!

Ok, so I went recently to the Goodwill Outlet in Queens. Located at 47-47 Van Dam Street. Now this is not a thrift store for the faint of heart. This is for extreme thrifters only. I wanted to take a bunch of pictures but I got in trouble for taking just this one. Will teach me to accidentally leave the flash on. But this should give you a hint as to what its like.

The entire warehouse is just full like this. Blue bins. No logic, womens, mixed with mens, mixed with kids, mixed with plus sizes, petites, etc. Just dig in! And you are rewarded with 1.69 per pound no matter what you get. I spent about two hours there before being completely and utterly thrifted out. The highlight was actually bumping in to Kate Goldwater and Alexandra Sinderbrand who run the amazing thrift store AuH20. I seriously have been an avid follower of Alexandra's blog the Cheap Jap forever. So that was pretty cool!

Now, I will show you the haul I got, and then how I got 80% of my bill refunded! Not pictured is a gorgeous Michael Kors (NOT Michael for Michael Kors) trench coat that had a big stain on it. I tried all I could to get it clean but it was not salvageable. Oh well. Was worth the shot!!

A blazer that fits me perfectly!

A cornflower blue J Crew pencil skirt.

A Max Studio maxi skirt

The most soft and comfortable cashmere sweater I have ever felt.

An Ann Taylor Skirt Suit. Gorgeous, and brand new!!

A Tocca cardigan!!

A royal blue maxi dress that was way too  large for me, but when I belted it, it works.

Juicy Couture Sweats

 A Max Studio sweater dress

A Banana Republic cotton twill jacket

Now if you will look at the bill I paid 25.35. Not bad at all. BUT........ Thats not all I got in the haul!

I also got these items that I had no intention of ever wearing. A Kenneth Cole tank top, a brand new pair of Nanette Lepore dress pants, and a GORGEOUS pair of wool Fossil pants that were so amazing even in spring I KNEW they would be a wanted item

So I took the pants and top to Buffalo Exchange where I proceeded to get this dress, and 17.50 cash!!!!

25.35-17.50 = 7.85. So that means all items pictured above cost me a total of SEVEN DOLLARS AND EIGHTY FIVE CENTS!!!!!


  1. =O I don't...ohmigosh! Ok that Tahari dress is amazing and a Tocca cardigan?!?! Ugh, this seals it, I have to take a trip to NY this fall. And maybe hit up the thrift stores here today since you so have me in the mood. Congrats on your amazing finds!



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