Sunday, June 23, 2013

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray

So I happened upon a quite amazing clearance at Shoppers last week. Oscar Blandi haircare for 4.99 each. I didn't even look at the conditioner, but I did pick up a dry shampoo. I really REALLY wanted to like it. It retails for $28 at Sephora, but at least its regularly available. And unlike the Julep Dry Shampoo, this one I wouldn't have to wait 3 weeks to get once I ordered. So for $4.99 I grabbed one.

Now let me start by saying it does have a silicone it. Its one that is partially water solluble and I decided to give it a try anyways. And I did try it. And it was so awful I am not even willing to show you pictures. Its THAT bad. To start with, the colour. Its BRIGHT WHITE. And on my red hair it looks like dandruff from afar, and up close it just looks like a terrible white powder. Now MAYBE if I brushed it out it would be ok. But my hair was super curly and I was not about to brush out all the curl and end up with a frizzy terrible mess.

I thought MAYBE if I used it when my hair was straight so I could brush it through my hair and it would be alright. Well, here it is sprayed on my hand. This is a mere second of spray. It comes out hard and fast.

And look at what happens when I try to rub it in to my hand? It flakes and clumps kind of like a scrub? The texture is just hard to explain. Its like a powdery, crumbly paste. Like a dried up cottage cheese? ITS TERRIBLE!!!

I have NO IDEA who this works for, but its certainly NOT for me! And to think, I feel ripped off paying $4.99 for it! At least if I had paid $30 at Sephora for it, I could have returned it!



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