Wednesday, June 19, 2013

July Julep Maven Preview And Swatches!

I must say I am really feeling some of these new colours. I am not sure I want enough to justify the upgrade, but I do want quite a few! We will see what I end up doing!

Sea Salt Texture Spray and Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil.

Boho Glam  - Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, Karen & Faye (Faye is the bronze)

Bombsell - Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, Joanna and Blakely (Blakely is the purple/green duochrome).

Classic With A Twist - Beach Tonic Dry Body Oil, Cassie and Alaina (Cassie is the pale coral)

It Girl - Nadia (the golden one), Tracy (the sea salt) and Angela

A new colour as an add on - Adele (this is in the upgrade)

Fireworks - an add on not in the upgrade.

This set of four (including Fireworks) can be bought for 19.99 as an add on.

1 comment:

  1. SO TEMPTED. Forcing myself to skip though! bought a ton of stuff from the warehouse sale. I can do it!



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