Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dior Mystic Metallics For Fall 2013

Oh my gosh am I totally feeling this collection! A new blush range in 13 shades separated into 4 categories: pink, red, coral and neutral. Dior Mystic Metallics 5 Couleurs Palette in purple and silvers or in blue and greens. A new range of fusion mono shadows (eight of them!!) that will be super metallic when used wet and a subtle shimmer when used dry. This collection also has a liner, four addict extreme lipsticks and more!!

And then the polish. OH MY, the polish! First off two gorgeous shimmery but not shiny looking metallic polishes that do not look to be AT ALL frosty or streaky, and a metallic. Now the magnetic polish trend is kind of over and dead, but after the crackle polish they came out with last year, I am ready to jump on this one! Keep in mind, when we were all SICK TO DEATH of crackle and not feeling the trend at all, they came out with the best one across the board with a twist. That leather croc crackle is amazing and was worth the wait. So hopefully the magnetic polish will be just as much a home run! Its called Green Metallic Shade from looks of it, and I will be jumping on it! Also probably jumping on both destin and galaxie polishes unless destin is too pink in real life!

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  1. These look really pretty! Sadly Dior is out of my price range. Excited to see any swatches you end up sharing though :)




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