Saturday, June 1, 2013

Limited Edidion Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows For Summer 2013 - Swatched

I have had a love at first try experience with the Maybelline cream shadows. They wear like iron, even on my oily lids, They apply beautifully and they are some of the best formulated cream shadows I have ever tried. I wouldn't say I like them MORE than the Shiseido or Chanel ones, but I think they are on par! Not something you will usually hear form me! I LOVE THESE! I just wish I had found them last year as I am dying for the light creamy beige one from the fall 2012 limited edition colours!

So the summer limited edition colours have landed in Canada. Good, and bad. Good because they are here, bad because we are only getting three out of the entire collection. I knew I wanted two and thankfully they both were two of the three that came! I figured it would be rude to split up siblings, so I was really being..... generous and thoughtful when I picked up all of them!

20 Waves of White when in the pot looks like a slightly off white shadow with an iridescent looking green duochrome.

When swatched it is insanely iridescent. So much so that I worry it will not be a colour I will feel comfortable wearing.

While if you look closely you can see a very shear whitish base, its really just iridescent. VERY iridescent. Its like a green/pink/blue shimmer that reminds me of a swarovski crystal.

10 Precious Pearl in the jar looks like a yellowy taupey colour. Basically a very dull pale gold colour.

For comparison, here it is next to barely branded. I have and love barely branded. But last week I bought (or thought I bought) the taupe colour, opened it up, and saw this, did a double take,and realized I grabbed the wrong one. So now I have a backup for me, or more likely my mom who uses this as a base every single day.

On the skin it as a very noticble pink shimmer to it. That along with the pale gold base makes it look like a dull yellow tinged rose gold. I actually really like this one and think it might be the favourite for me.

30 Icy Mint is a pale greenish blue colour. Both in the jar and on the skin it reminds me of the dior icy dew colour. Its a very nice colour, that I am still not sure if I will wear, but I am hoping it is neutral enough for it to be a colour that is not TOO far outside my comfort zone. I just have to force myself to wear it!

To me these three at least feel much more like a winter wonderland type of theme, and not a summer collection but I really do like them!


  1. The 20 waves of white is solo pretty! It would be a nice highlighter .

  2. Waves of White is soo pretty!

  3. Oh no! Yeah they only had 3 at my Shoppers when it finally showed up but I was still holding out hope for Seashore Frost :( So sad. ALSO have you worn these on your eyes yet? I had so much trouble with Icy Mint, patchy and sheer, blah, my latest blog post is my review of it, and it definitely did not look as pretty as it does in your post so that's really interesting to see.

    1. I just picked them up an hour before posting the swatches. You now have me curious. I will make sure to try them out in the next week! I hope you just got a bum one (not that I hope you get a bad product, just I hope the rest aren't like that). Maybe exchange it for another? If not, call Maybelline and let them know. I know many people who have called to complain because they dried up or were faulty in some way and they got a gift certificate for a replacement product.

  4. I agree with Zoe, these are not quite the same as the permanent colors as they are harder to work with and quite sheer; they feel drier to me, but that could just be me. I have all eight of them plus all the permanents here in the US. I like layering the LEs over other colors, especially black, because of the sheer iridescence. The colors remind me of water or a mermaid's tail.

    1. I just tried the icy mint yesterday and it was very sheer. Ok for me since the only way I'd wear these shimmer ones is very sheer. But not a good thing in general. Havent tried the other two yet.

      And it weird yours were drier because I was going o say mine felt wetter. But yes, it's only a sheer color.

    2. it sounds like I didn't get a bum one then, I just don't like it very much :P I am going to see about returning it since I won't wear it, I have to "dab" it on to get any colour and it's a pain and patchy. I'll try another permanent collection one instead.



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