Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Brief Apology And A Sneak Peek!

So I owe you all a big apology. I have been totally MIA for far too long! I started a new job back at the beginning of April or end of March and it has been getting progressively more and more time consuming and crazy. After putting in about 30 hours of overtime in a five day period I got a 3 day weekend (fri-sun) this week and I had a big plan of 1,394,303 things to get done in that time period. Well........ I am trying! I did manage to get in a late viewing of the new Superman movie so far as well as get out to see The Buddy Holly Story which is on stage here right now! So I got a few things enjoyable squeezed in!

I certainly have loads of stuff to show you all though!

Here is just a bit of a sneak peek of the posts I have up and coming! Quite a bit of stuff!


  1. Bel Argus and Azure! Yes! looking forward to all your nail swatches and reviews- I wish I could read the names of all the colors there. butter London, Vernis In Love and Lippmanns. Lots for us lacquer obsessed readers to look forward to!

  2. Aww hope things get easier with work, that is an insane amount of hours! Take care of yourself and I hope you have some time to just sit and relax this weekend :)



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