Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rococo Nail Apparel #7676 Gold Leaf

Rococo Nail Apparel Gold Leaf uses the following blurb to describe the polish "Rococo takes its inspiration from the elegant splendour of 18th century Versailles. This hard-wearing nail lacquer contains large flecks of 24 carat gold leaf, which you can apply over colour varnish as a topcoat or alone for a glossy, quick drying golden finish. Luxury at your fingertips!
Now there has been a lot of buzz about this polish and I was very excited to take it home and try it out. The price tag was a whopping 32.50 american for this polish. I guess in the world of premium nail polish that its not TOO obscene. Its more than Chanel, yes, though I bet if Chanel made a version of polish with 24K flakes, it would be a much higher price tag. And since I just ordered 4 Le Metier De Beaute polishes to match my first 5, who am I to talk. 15.00 for FOUR ml!!! If i can stomach that, this isn't even worth discussing!!

I will start by saying there is certainly a learning curve with this polish. The flakes of gold are almost too heavy for the liquid base its suspended in and it makes it quite difficult to grab the flakes. It took me quite a few goes before I could manage to get some gold on the brush. My best advice is to shake up the bottle really well before use and well........... play around with it!!!

Here it is swatched over Gosh Black Passion.
It gives such a lovely effect, and the flakes really are the feel of very thin tin foil. So you can kind of lay them and fold them into the position you want.

This polish is available from Cult Beauty.

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  1. Oh this one is really unique and gorgeous! Where do you buy this brand?



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