Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cult Nails Inaugural Collection

New nail polish brands pop up all the time. That’s not new. What is new (for me at least) is when a new brand proves itself to be both HIGH QUALITY and CREATIVE. Welcome Cult Nails. I would never have heard of this brand before if not for other obsessed nail polish lovers. It is the creation of nail blogger R3 Daily (aka Maria Morrison). Now being the high quality that they are they are all 3 Free (meaning free of  Toulene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl).
But they aren’t just 3 free. They are also free of Phthalate or Camphor. Other big perks with the company are that they are cruelty free, dont test on animals, or use derivatives that are animal byproducts or tested on animals.
What I like most about them though is the “cotton ball initiative” Taken directly from thier website
All polish is Vegan friendly. In keeping with our green initiatives all packaging is recyclable and some even reusable.  We use only recycled boxes to ship our polish that can be reused or recycled by the consumer and utilize cotton balls for our packaging materials. This not only allows the polish to be protected during shipment, but supplies our customers with some of the materials  needed to remove their old polish once our product arrives! The cotton ball initiative, as we like to call it, was a concept from Maria’s 12 year old daughter.”

Brilliant job on the daughters part!!!

my kind of kool-aid, iconic, living water, quench

Now onto the colours!
Quench would be in my opinion the most dupe-able and least original of the bunch. Not a boring colour in any ways, just a classic red.  Looking through my stash, I found about 4 others that looked like possible dupes. So to sum up quench, a classic red. Nothing earth shattering or innovative, but just a gorgeous basic red.

quench, estee lauder enchanted garnet, laura mercier daring, dior red tea, deborah lippmann lady is a tramp
Now for My Kind of Kool-Aid. It is described as “gravender”, creme polish with a delicate shimmer”. Seeing as I own about 45 different purples I thought of course I have a dupe in my collection! But I was very very wrong!  As you can see, the closest is Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Insouciant. The base colours are very similar but the shimmer is very different.

My Kind of Kool Aid, Illamasqua Stagnate, Butter London Scoundrel, Rescue Beauty Lounge Insouciant

The most original of the bunch is by far Living Water. I have NOTHING like it in my stash. There were a few Lippmanns that I thought might be similar but NONE! Its described as “deep blue jelly polish with ice blue and emerald green glitter inspired by the phosphorescent sea-water.” The base is a dark Navy almost black with blue, teal and green micro glitter. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cult Nails Living Water

Now The Last one in the collection is Iconic. Cult Nails describes it as “deep berry creme with gorgeous red flakes and hidden gold shimmer throughout.” Once more I have nothing very similar in my stash. The best I could Compare it to is Since I fell for you, though as you can see, very different.

Deborah Lippmann Since I fell for You, Cult Nails Iconic

All in all I think it is an excellent collection. The polishes are all high quality and have always lasted me with minor tip wear at least 3 days (trust me. in my life it doesn’t get better than 3 days. I also change my polish 3-4 times a week usually). Most of my friends who have this polish can get a good 5-6 days out of it before chipping. And the best part? They are only 10.00!!!!!! Much more affordable than other cult brands (no pun intended!)!!!!!! And they ship to Canada. Whats better than that???


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