Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tarte Eye Opening 12-piece Amazonian Clay Eyeliner Set

Now you may all be going "she got more eyeliners??". Its true. I have somehow managed to go from the idea of "UD 24/7 liners are the best liners on the planet and I wont use anything else" to realizing that there are much better ones out there (mind you I have found only a few so far). So now I feel compelled to try so many out since I ignored so many brands for so long. And the truth is that I needed a nude liner and owned exactly zero before getting this set.  I got it on clearance at Sephora for $30 and with 20% off it was only $24 for the set. While long gone from sephora (sorry!) it is available for $25 ($33CAD) on the tarte Canada or US website HERE.

The set includes 12 full sized liners in a small little gold brush/liner roll.

From top to bottom: Golden Plum, Hunter Green, Chocolate, Navy, Charcoal, Brown, Black, Bronze, Antique Gold, Jungle Green, Plum & Nude.

From left to right, Golden Plum, Hunter Green, Chocolate, Navy, Charcoal & Brown.

From left to right Black, Bronze, Antique Gold, Jungle Green, Plum & Nude.

VERDICT - The pigmentation is great. I am not quite sure the black is much of a black. I would call the charcoal dark grey or gunmetal and call the black charcoal to be honest. Otherwise, no complaints with the pigmentation. The glide on easily though some shades smudge and move a bit more than they should. But they are not bad. For the most part I think the Urban Decay ones are better but these aren't terrible. They get about 6 hours of wear making them not the most long lasting, but for a night out they are good. The biggest complaint about these is the stupid plastic lids that are cheap and dont stay on well.

For $30 bucks though, this is a fantastic set of eyeliners for you to start out with. That being said, I am not giving up my Julep or Marc Jacobs pencils!


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