Thursday, January 29, 2015

Julep Shipping - When Does It Improve?

So this is what I ordered. You can see from the shipping notice above. I ordered the Fa La La Trio, The Getaway Trio, Ice Queen Trio and the Savvy Surprise.

This is what I got:

The Getaway Trio had Marzia and Aurora in it, but instead of Devon I got a second Aurora.

The Ice Queen Trio had 3 polishes in it, sadly they were all wrong.

So I got 6 polishes in 4 different shades, only two of them being what I ordered. I called, and they were very nice about it, and promised to send me Devon, the Ice Queen trio, the Fa La La trio and the savvy surprise. So another two weeks pass and I get this in the mail.

Now I have what I was supposed to have recieved (what I ordered):

Getaway Trio:

Ice Queen Trio:

Fa La La Trio:

Savvy Surprise:

So yes, as is the normal, Julep did fix the mistake. And I got to keep two random polishes and two extra backups. BUT..... it took almost a month to get what I ordered in the first place.

This leaves me with the eternal question asked once again. "What on earth do they drink in the Julep processing facility and can I have some?"


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