Friday, January 30, 2015

Lip Monthly November & December Bags Review - And Why I Am Exhausted With Dealing With Them!

Let me start by saying I was originally excited by this subscription box. Its $10 a month (first month you could get for $5 or even free depending on promo and I subbed) and I shared it with all of you and got quite a few referrals. Each referral was supposed to be a free month. THEN - they decided that the bags would not be sent to Canadians for free, only Americans. I was not impressed with that, and did however change my address to my American post office box to get the earned referrals. Then they revamped the entire system and got rid of the Ambassador program all together. I got no info about this, just went to log into my account one day and it was gone. It took 4 emails before they could find a record of me or any of my referrals. I was told that you now only got points to use in the store (think birchbox). This was not something I was interested in since the store had almost no products in it. I was told that they would honor the first 5 of my referrals giving me 5 bags.

THEN - already royally annoyed and not much feeling the love of the sub box anymore I got my October bag. Addressed to Shayna Leibowitz. FYI- Thats not my last name. Not even close. My last name does have an e and an i in it, but that is about it. I think they went "she must be Jewish, I cant bother to look up her last name, so lets guess". I emailed them after I got the October bag to say "you got my name wrong". They told me they had no record of me whatsoever and again, it took quite a few messages back and forth for them to find me. They said they would fix it.

So now, its the November bag. And I get one addressed to Shayna Leibowitz, and one addressed to my REAL name that looked like this:

Now this is pretty much how all the bags look. 4 drugstore $2-$4 items and one item that is a Sephora type of brand or level of product that I am usually interested in trying. For $10 if the service was fabulous I would be good with the bag even though I usually on even want to try two of the items. Usually a lip gloss (in this case a lip brush) and the higher end item.

I ALSO got a third bag, also addressed to the mysterious Shayna Leibowitz that was also a November bag, but that looked like this:

I actually quite like this bag, the lipstick and the lip liner are both interesting to me, the liner is a different shade than the one in the first November bag, and the lip brush is also interesting to me.

So all in all I got 3 bags in November and no response when I emailed them. So I gave up. I am not going to jump through hoops to return the extra bags. I did give out the extras and the products not interesting to me so others could try them. 

And then I got the December bag. Well, two of them. I got a bag, and so did Shayna Leibowitz. 

And so once more, my mom gets a Lip Monthly bag. I have to say I am interested in trying the Magnolia Makeup product and the liner is actually a good shade to go with it. And like the pattern goes, the box contains 4 cheapo drugstore products and a product I find interesting enough to try.

The value of these boxes is good for what you pay. The boxes are very heavy on cheap drugstore items, but always have at least one higher priced item. That being said, the confusion and the customer service and the exhaustion in trying to deal with it make it a brand I really don't want to recommend. 


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