Saturday, January 31, 2015


This brush set is PRICEY! Its $556! Now normally when any Sephora brand anything goes online for hundreds and hundreds of dollars I usually respond immediately with something along the lines of "You have to be effin kidding me!!", but to be honest, I think this set is quite a reasonable price..... for what it is. I have actually been fairly impressed each time I have tried one of the brands brushes, and this set is a great deal for what you actually get. I must admit, I would personally much rather get a few of the brushes here, and a few there to slowly build up even though it would be more costly in the long run. 

But to buy each of these individually would be $759 so you are saving about $200. That being said unless you are a brush collector  hoarder like me you probably don't need every one of these brushes. And to be honest I have quite a few Sephora Pro brushes on my wishlist, but frustratingly thankfully none are in this set making it easy for me to pass on! 

What it is:
A complete, 27-piece set of professional-grade brushes.

What it does: Inspired by the set used in Sephora University classes offered to our cast and clients at certain stores, this complete set of 27 Sephora Collection PRO brushes is perfect for the budding makeup artist or seasoned professional. This is the largest set of all PRO Brushes that Sephora carries and includes a standing easel pouch for convenient travel and setup.

This set contains: - PRO Crease 10 brush
- PRO Smudge 11 brush
- PRO Allover shadow 12 brush
- PRO Shader 18 brush
- PRO Gel liner 26 brush
- PRO Brow 20 brush
- PRO Lip 81 brush
- PRO Precision powder 59 brush
- PRO Flawless powder 40 brush
- PRO Foundation 47 brush
- PRO Flawless airbrush 56 brush
- PRO Precision blush 73 brush
- PRO Precision concealer 45 brush
- PRO Flat concealer 76 brush
- PRO Tapered crease 19 brush
- PRO Small shadow 15 brush
- PRO Shadow 14 brush
- PRO Cream shadow 28 brush
- PRO Precision smudge 29 brush
- PRO Domed crease 16 brush
- PRO Angled liner 22 brush
- PRO Flat liner 25 brush
- PRO Flawless light powder 50 brush
- PRO Air brush 55 brush
- PRO Precision foundation 58 brush
- PRO Angled blush 49 brush
- PRO Airbrush concealer 57 brush
- Quilted easel stand case


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