Friday, May 22, 2015

I Am Back! Sort Of.....

Just wanted to stick my head out of the rabbit hole and say hello to everyone. I am still having a bit of a hard time processing the last 4 weeks of my life let alone get caught up on the details! I got back home after almost three weeks in NYC and Vegas only to write an exam literally the next day. Just in case that wasn't stressful enough, I started a new job less than a week later. The job is great, the environment is so much better than where I was before, and there are no complaints. BUT.... It was a big overwhelming change. I was up at 4am daily to be out of the house by 515 for the first week and a half (a big change from waking up at 8pm like I used too!!) and then a week where I didnt get home from work until 1230am. I am now thankfully back in my regular schedule I have for the last two and a half years so I feel like I am just now getting back to "normal".

Anyways, I will stop babbling now and just say how much I appreciate everyones messages and comments asking about me. I have had quite a few hauls recently so those will be coming first, followed by regularly scheduled programming!


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