Saturday, April 5, 2014

What I Have been Enjoying Lately

This upcoming week has been stressing me so much I am not sure in which direction up is. I have two chemistry exams this week (neither I am ready for), I work my regular 40 hours of work, and just in case that wasn't ENOUGH, I also work 16 hours this week for the Comedy Festival. Somehow in that same week, I also must manage to pack for my upcoming trip. I have 6 days left (if I survive the week) until I leave for 16 days. So I am tonight trying to pack as it wont happen any other time. Packing for 16 days, including clothing for two VERY different climates, 6 seperate formal/dressy functions that all have the same people at them meaning no recycling of outfits, IMATS outfits and casual clothes for both New York City and Vegas. AHHH!!!

And all I can think is I need a bubble bath. So I thought I would share what I have been enjoying most for baths recently. My brother and soon to be sister in law got me a gift card to Holt Renfrew for Chanukah and I have been totally digging what I got with it. Now I know that these sets are likely unavailable being 3 full months after Christmas, but every single one of these scents is amazing and you cant go wrong if you choose any one of them!


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