Sunday, March 30, 2014

Terracotta Sun Collection For Gurlain Summer 2014

Now I think that I have been pretty clear about the fact that I am glow in the dark white. I seriously think I am somehow related to Casper the friendly ghost somewhere along the line. I am THAT white. So as you can probably guess, me and bronzers have a bit of a......... lets just say we aren't best of friends. I WANT to embrace the bronze, hell, I could use the colour! But they usually just dont work. You know which ones do though? Guerlain. They make the most GORGEOUS bronzers that look natural on me without looking orange or muddy or like a big hot mess. And they also happen to be gorgeous. So I can't not show you the new collection for Summer 2014. Now yes, the lips and nail offerings are pretty.

But do you see these?!!! Look how friggen gorgeous the palettes are! I kind of hope that they aren't going to work on my skin tone because they come at a hefty pricetag! Just love these!

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  1. Packaging is super cool x



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