Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Beauty Addicts Nightmare!

I would like to introduce you to the perfect palette. And by perfect, I mean PERFECT. The Laura Mercier Artists palette was limited edition over the holidays and I debated and actually passed on it. Then I happened to see Cora (Vintage Or Tacky) rave about it and go on and on about how she liked it better than the Lorac Pro Palette. A palette that to find in Canada is about as easy as spotting Waldo in one of his famous Where's Waldo scenes when you are four years old! So I picked it up. And let me tell you, it was love at first swatch. I am a neutral only eyshadow girl. Everyone knows this. And yet, I almost immediately started wearing African Violet, Plum Rose, Kir Royal and Violet Ink! Yes, the PURPLES! The colour that every makeup artist I have ever had work on me has told me I should wear. And the colour that I hated because it always made me feel like I had a black eye!  

So what happened? I was at a hotel in Glendale California in January and came home without the palette. Which was insane as I ALWAYS check the hotel room or rooms to make sure I don't forget anything! How could I do that?! How could I lost my FAVOURITE palette?! And why did the Embassy Suites swear they didn't find it when I called to inquire how to get back the palette I lost?! The palette is over $200 on ebay! FOR A $54 PALETTE! I refused on principle to pay that much money to essentially a scalper. To buy something and regret it and put it up for auction is one thing. To buy 20 of a limited edition item for no reason other than to sell it for four times as much? NOPE! Not going to do it. I would just have to learn to live without it. And forget about. 

And I really tried. And one week ago I broke down, and bought an empty palette from Laura Mercier ($12) and 6 shadows ($29 each) to try to recreate the beloved palette. Yes, that is $186 before tax which is essentially what it would have cost me to replace the palette. But it was the principle of the matter.

The last shade was not in stock, and is en route to me. So for now, there is a hole in the palette.

And then, FOUR DAYS later, yes, four days later, guess what I find:

I am not kidding. I spent two months trying to not replace it, finally replace it, and then the other day I went to pack my carry on bag, and found a hidden zipper. Apparently, its not THAT hidden as I had obviously found it in California when I stuck this palette in there for safe keeping. So yes, I got my palette back, and now have backups of the two most used ones in the palette, Kir Royal and African Violet.

Finding my palette should have been wonderful! I should have started doing a happy dance immediately. Instead, I want to scream!

BUT.............. I have my palette back. And as this post started, it IS the perfect palette!


  1. Yesss! I'm glad you're back! I snagged one of these palettes after Cora's video too, and I think if I lost it I would go to the same lengths to replace it. At least you'll never run out?

    1. And I got the Lorac Pro, and I just... there is something off about it. The lesson is listen to Cora. And I will run out I am sure. I already have a dent in African Violet! I think I will actually hit pan on a shadow in this lifetime!

  2. Omg I have this pallet. Yes after a cora video. Mine cost me 80. Hey this story is me every other day. Its age. You would swear there was a devil on your sholder playing these funny tricks. He just cracking up.

  3. I love this palette too! I use this one and the much hated Narsissist. I use the Narsissist a bit more lately but I love love both equally.



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