Saturday, March 22, 2014

Nail Mail!

So I thought I would do an unboxing video, but since my camera was dead and I was NOT about to wait for it to charge, photos will have to do! An AMAZING gift from halfway around the world!

She must have KNOWN I only use cream and not clear nail wheels! And tape, lots of nail tape!

And still a STUFFED box!

I have never tried MUA makeup before! Cant wait to try these palettes!

Undressed, and Dusk Til Dawn:

And a cool looking MUA blush and one that says Collection. I THINK that this is the same brand that is the infamous Collection 2000 concealer?

Oh my goodness! KOH!!

I know these are just seed beads easily gotten anywhere! But Ive wanted these nail constellations for ages! The colour combos are just so pretty!

Holographic gorgeousness!

More MUA products! I am super picky on lipglosses, so I am interested to see how these are!

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