Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Now THIS Is What I Call A Vending Machine!

Hello everyone! I owe you all an apology. I have been quite the naughty girl lately. I have completely and utterly ignored this blog. I have thought of it, I have felt guilty about it, but I have literally been working and working and working. I am in charge of a venue at our local Fringe Festival (the second largest festival of the sorts in North America) and between that and work I have LITERALLY been in my house less than four hours a day. And usually MUCH less. But the festival is over, and I am back!

And I have just about the coolest vending machines in the world to show you all!

How about a Benefit cosmetics vending machine? Anyone? According to The Daily News, Benefit launched its first one at the JetBlue terminal in JFK airport. Austin and Las Vegas airports just got them, and more than 20 others are rolling out this fall. Inside the machines more than 30 of Benefit’s most popular products, like the “They’re Real” mascara and the POREfessional pore-minimizing primer can be found! Unfortunately, I almost exclusively fly into Laguardia........... Is it wrong to start booking a flight based on a vending machine?

And how about THIS vending machine? Beauty, skincare and fragrance can all be found in these Sephora machines! Currently in six airports, Nashville, Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Dallas, Houston, and once more, JFK. I really need to start flying in to JFK!!!

What do you guys think? Have you seen them before? I am interested to know how the prices compare to that of buying them in a traditional store? I can not imagine myself BUYING out of these machines (unless of course I realize I forgot to pack something), but I am intrigued by the idea, and I LOVE the fact that I KNOW that no one tampered with the product before I get it in my grubby little hands!

Would you buy a perfume or mascara out of a vending machine?


  1. I was wondering about the prices too. I need to fly to JFK apparently, I'm like you and always go through LaGuardia!

  2. haha this is cool! I am also curious about prices.

    welcome back and I hope you get some time to yourself and to sleep!



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