Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nars Makeup And Nail Polish For Fall 2013

So I have been really good lately with NARS and nail polish and NOT buying them. I wanted the Pierre Hardy duos but something held me back. I kept putting them in my shopping card on and kept taking them out. I had them IN MY HAND at least half a dozen times in store, and every single time I changed my mind at the register (unfortunately it was ONLY these duos I talked myself out of, not my entire purchases!). I am not sure if it was simply the combination of colours (I always LOVED one colour in hte duo and was meh about the second), or what. But I just could never do it. And I passed on the summer ones. Sadly I can say with fair certainty that I will NOT be able to resist the two in the new fall collection!

The dove grey one above is called Galathee and the purple below described as a regal purple is called Fury. Yup. Purple and grey. The scream my name dont they?

What about you? Anything in this collection you need? I must say the taupe shadow looks gorgeous but I am certainly NOT in need of any more neutral shadows. I might have possibly just ordered the 28 pan neutral shadow palette from Coastal Scents yesterday. Oops!


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