Monday, July 22, 2013

Gel Effect Polish From Nails Inc

I am super excited to get a look at the new Gel Effect Polishes from Nails Inc. I have no idea what this means, but they are using a new ‘plasticizer’ technology to make it look like a gel finish. I am sure its probably a load of not good for you chemicals, but if I don't look/ask/check I won't know. And you know what they say about not asking questions........

Bond Street

Porchester Square

St. James

Anyways, the bottles look to me to be more like Butter London bottles but I guess we will find out when they get here (which is not until at least August I have been told). The bottles also have colour coordinating lids to match the polishes. That part I do not like........ it hurts my OCD brain. I want all the bottles to MATCH!!!


So what do you guys all think? Are you looking forward to these? Interested to see them and reserving judgement? Or do you NEED them? I am reserving judgement...


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