Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Le Metier De Beaute Summer Nail Lacquer -The Gods and Goddesses

Le Metier De Beaute is certainly a luxury line. You can not debate that. If the prices of Chanel and Dior turn you off stop reading now. Do not pass go.

Now these bottles are 4 ml and cost 10.00 american each (2.50 per ml). They are NOT available in Canada at all (insert grumbling and annoyance here).  Up until this collection the polishes have always retailed for 15.00 each (3.75 per ml)  for the same size bottle. While I am not sure if this is a permanent price change or not, the new fall collection seems to also have come out at this same lower price point. Yay!!! Now as a comparison, Chanel costs 25.00 for 13ml (1.92 per ml) and Dior costs 21.00 for 10ml (2.10 per ml).

Dionysus—Inspired by the God of rapture and bliss, of winemaking and wine and of the grape harvest, this deep, turquoise blue brings pleasure to all who wear it, suggesting the rich, fertile earth from which the grape comes. This colour is a dark bright turquoise with fine blue shimmer.

Eris—From the Goddess of Discord springs chaos and from chaos the appreciation of beauty, simplicity and order. This rich bronze shields from chaos and finishes the nail in an armor of finery. This colour is a shimmery goldy bronze colour with fine shimmer.

Athena—This not too dark, not too light, neutral metallic represents the Goddess of strength, wisdom, justice and civilization. It's perfectly balanced color flatters all. This colour is a pale green with multi coloured shimmer.
Hera—The Goddess of women and marriage would find her match in this sea green hue. A strong, yet feminine shade with many facets. This colour is the lightest and a sheer yellowy nude with shimmer.

Dionysus, Eris, Athena, Hera

Dionysus, Eris, Athena, Hera

Dionysus, Eris, Athena, Hera

With the exception of Hera all of these are two coats and were a dream to apply. Hera was four coats. I found Hera to be a pain in the you know what to apply. It was sheer and streaky. The other three are simply stunning though!!


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