Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Eshakti Cotton Poplin Colorblock Dress

So the above dress was the FIRST dress I ordered from Eshakti. As you all know by now, DHL (insert four letter expletives here) LOST the package. They promised me they would call me with an update last Monday which is now 8 days ago and, well, crickets. Eshakti on the other hand immediately said they would recut, remake and re ship the item for me. They were very clear that I should not have to wait weeks to hopefully hear from DHL to get my dress. And in less than a week from that point, the new one was remade, packed and in my hands. 

While I really couldn't get any great pics, I must remind everyone that I have a size 6 waist but that I have size 10-12 hips. NOTHING fits me that doesn't have a boat load of stretch to it and even then it usually needs alterations. I am appreciative that I have a great tailor with reasonable rates, but its so nice to not NEED him.

Now the dress fits me perfectly. I do have a few issues with it that prevent me from LOVING it. The white bottom is fairly sheer. So much so that I will need to wear a slip under it. Not a deal breaker, but slightly annoying. The other annoying thing is that this dress WRINKLES. Not like linen so that it will look like a wrinkled mess on you by halfway through the day. But enough that it will have to be ironed every fricken time I wash it. I was not too thrilled with having to pull out the iron (who even knew I had one??!!) but thankfully I like the dress on me enough that I might actually do that. That being said, I will think twice about what cotton poplin dresses I purchase from the brand again. There were two in my shopping cart I took out because they had too many pleats that would have been far too much of a PITA to steam!

Overall I am happy with the dress though. It fits me well, I actually kind of think its flattering on me (something I NEVER say) and its simple and neutral enough to have lots of options with it. I paired it with a Joe Fresh necklace and Kendra Scott elle earrings this time, but its black and white, so pretty much ANYTHING goes.

And I finally pulled back out my Jeanne Beker pumps. These were from the fall 2014 collection exclusive to the Shoe Company and for $80 at the time I figured they would be well worth the money and a go to shoe of mine. And as it turns out I think this is the 5th time I have ever worn them? Am I the only one who does that?

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