Thursday, May 19, 2016

DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler

So while on a cruise my mom ran in to a slight problem. She found that her current haircare was NOT working in the super humid climate she found herself in. So her solution was to pick up the DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Styling Cream (I can only assume at an American Sephora store, but who knows?). So being that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel I figured I HAD to try this. And what better way to try a product than to steal it from someone so you don't have to pay for it yourself?

Now, it was raining (actually SNOWING/RAINING) on this day and I got wet trying to take these pictures. That being said, I can say the product wasn't bad. My hair while damp in these pictures is really not frizzing out the way it normally would. But it also was kind of....... limp. All in all I certainly didn't hate the product. Had I bought it I probably would have eventually used it all up. Which in my world is a big deal. I am embarrassed to admit how many hair products get used once then given away or trashed because they just don't float my boat. So I guess in the scheme of things an OK product is pretty good in my book.

And because I am just so in love with the Lulu Frost Petra Mosaic necklace here is a close up of it. I drooled over it and put it in my shopping cart 1000 different times but could not at all justify $525USD for it. It did go down to $273 though at Neiman Marcus and well...... All I can say is the Club Monaco shirt I am wearing (with leather trim pockets at the hip) was a thrift store find I managed to score for $4 instead of its original $250. That balances out insanely priced purchases, doesn't it??


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