Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Experiences With JustFab

I have been hearing about for longer than I can remember. And they DO ship to Canada, so I finally decided to go for it. I don't have the products, and wont be getting them. I will explain below.

January 23rd 2014 - I place an order online for a pair of shoes and a bag. This starts my subscription service that I have to remember to log in to my account on the first of every month to choose my style or skip the month. If I forget, I will be billed 39.99. That seems fine to me though. I've been a Julep member since the first day you were ABLE to subscribe and have not forgotten a month yet. I am not worried.

Jan 26th 2014 - My order is still processing. I call them, not really because I am worried, but just to find out when my order will ship. I am told within 2 days and the guy on the line is very nice. He apologizes for the delay, says he is going to email the warehouse and that he will send me an email within 24 hours with the status update on my order. Sounds great to me.

January 29th 2014 - No email, order still processing. I understand things happen, orders get delayed. I live in Canada. I am an EXPERT at long waits to get orders I placed. BUT......... I was promised an email within 24 hours and 3 days later it never came. THAT is not ok with me. If you say you are going to do something, you do it. I call them up to cancel the order and the subscription. If you can't follow through on a commitment you shouldn't make it, and the bottom line is, its been almost a week since I ordered. Makes me nervous about the subscription aspect. I am told they can not cancel the order because it is packed and about to go out. I am told I have nothing to complain about as when I signed up it said 6-10 days for my order to get to me, and it hasn't been 10 days yet. I am also warned that if I have an issue and want to return the items, that cancelling my membership will make it very hard for them to help me. I guess when they couldn't bribe me to remain a subscriber, they tried scaring me into it. This does not sit well with me. I say I really don't care that its packed, I want it cancelled. After 15 minutes of back and forth and the offer of extra loyalty points, I FINALLY get them to cancel my superscription, but not my order. By the way this is at 6am on the 29th.

January 30th 2014 - its now been a day and a half since my order was supposedly packed and ready to go. And yet its still not shipped. I call back. Now I am actually angry. I ask to speak to a manager. I explain everything to the manager and again, she tries to convince me to take points and not cancel. Another 10 minutes of bribery attempts and credit offers to remain. I am adamant this time. I want it cancelled. This is ridiculous. She tells me she will attempt to cancel it but can not promise that the warehouse will see the cancellation in time and I might still be charged. That all she can do is request a cancel from the warehouse team. I said that was fine and that IF I was charged I would refuse the package when it was delivered and that I would be disputing the charge with my credit card company. Ten minutes later I look online, my order is cancelled and the authorization on my credit card released.

I am not suggesting this is the normal experience. I truly have no idea. But it was my experience and enough to ensure I don't order from them or recommend them to others. I have horror stories about the quality from some, and rave reviews from others about how great they are. I truly have no idea.

Do you have experience ordering from them? If you do, I would LOVE to hear your responses and experiences! Please comment below!


  1. Your experience is not a unique experience. I ordered a few times and each time it took an insanely long time for items to ship (weeks literally) I called more times than I can count and always got the same response "We will email our warehouse and get back to you within 24 hours" - not once did that ever happen.

    The last time I ordered, I ordered 1 bag. I got charged 3 times for the same item. I called them and they told me it was going to be refunded, then I called again because I never received a refund... and was told there was never any refund going to be issued because they only charged me once. I had bank statements to prove otherwise (visa debit). They told me I was SOL. I went to my bank to confirm that I was indeed charged multiple times and I obviously had. So I called them AGAIN while still in the bank and went so far as putting the bank manager on the phone.

    My only recourse was to file a fraud investigation through my bank (TD) and hope to get my money back. This only after threatening legal action when they refused to cancel my "subscription" multiple times. Ultimately TD came through and refunded all 3 charges and I never did get my bag. I had to change all my bank account around so that they wouldnt have my card information because I was afraid they would act fraudulantly again.

    There are zillions of complaints online and they have even been sued. This situation is what we call caveat emptor in the legal field- let the buyer beware. The reality is the items I did purchase from them and received were extremely poor quality and have since broken/came unstitched etc. I would NEVER EVER reccomend this company to anyone!

  2. My experience with them sucked!! I still am not able to cancel my account with them, I had to get my CC number changed instead! They sent me the wrong sized shoes, wouldn't exchange them. The materials were really really crappy, and just overall a horrible experience! I would never ever recommend this company to anyone! Not even my worst enemies!

  3. Like you, I wanted to take advantage of one of their introductory offers - I think it was get your first item at 50% off. Anyway, I ended up picking this bag that I was eyeing for a while - I think it was the Icon - and when I received it, it was literally the most poorly made piece of crap I've ever seen - the faux leather was SUCH bad quality, like worse than Walmart stuff. It was just a really disappointing experience, plus they haven't answered any of my e-mails. It's been close to a year now and I have skipped every month since then because I've heard such horror stories about calling them. I think you dodged a major bullet by not wasting your money on junk, and not having to go through the hassle of cancelling later on (or skipping every month if you're like me).



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