Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cheek Pop Blushes For Clinique Spring 2014 - Swatched

I was super excited to pick these up when I saw the promo shots! I mean, come on! We all know I have been on a TOTAL blush kick lately. I went in to the swatch them, expecting to pick AT LEAST 2 of them. I walked out with none. HOLY SHIMMER BATMAN! Seriously. These are shimmery! I am NOT a girl who likes a face full of glitter and that is just what you got with these.

From left to right, 03, 02, 01 and 04

Sorry for the crummy lighting. This was taken at the counter. I think you can see the shimmer more on the bottom photo. I cant speak for the wear obviously, but the pigment, texture and application are damn near perfect. But the shimmer is unforgivable in my books. If you like shimmer in your blush, these are fantastic! Its really the ONLY pitfall. Too bad I can't overlook it!


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