Sunday, August 23, 2015

Jelly Shoes?! REALLY?

I remember wanting a pair of jelly shoes sooooo much when I was 12 or 13 years old. They were the "in" thing and I was so excited when my parents FINALLY got me a pair. I have no idea how quickly they did or didnt jump on the trend and get me a pair, but I know I was dying for them and it felt like forever until I got them. And while I have no idea where MOST of shoes or beloved clothing went that I had when I was a kid (a pink dress I loved that my grandparents brought me back from a trip to Paris stands out in my head which is ironic since I hate pink and never DID like pink) these jelly shoes I know EXACTLY where they went. An ill fated swim at a 3 week sleep away camp was the downfall of my beloved jelly shoes. I was wearing them in the water and one fell off in the lake. Since plastic doesn't biodegrade I can safely assume that it is still in the bottom of that lake.

But that was my first and last foray into the concept of jelly shoes. And yet it seems now, more than 20 years later I am all of a sudden seeing them EVERYWHERE again. Maybe they have been around all this time and I have just had blinders on, but I have never noticed them before. And now all of a sudden, I see them wherever I turn. It almost seems counter intuitive that all these high end designers are coming out with them. And while $200-$350USD for plastic jelly shoes seems INSANE, its also kind of a great way to get a little piece of luxury at a manageable price point.

These Salvatore Ferragamo Preita Jelly Bow d'Orsay Flats retail for $240 and I will be honest. The only reason I do not have them on the way to me right now is I can not find the blue or the teal ones in my size! OBSESSED WITH THESE!!

While these Rockstud PVC Thong Sandals from Valentino do nothing for me and have me wondering what the appeal of them is,

THESE Valentino Rockstud Ankle-Wrap Jelly Sandals I am kind of digging!

Both Rockstud jellys come in at the $295 price point and while A LOT for plastic jelly shoes, its manageable for many. But the ones that finally hooked me and got me were these Givenchy Chain Jelly Flat Sandals. I just saw them and could NOT walk away. At $295 they are an insane price point for what they are, but also quite reasonable...... right? Yeah, yeah..... I know! But they come in Nude, Black and Fuchsia and I finally caved and ordered the black version of them. I wanted the nude ones but they don't seem to exist in my size and in a store that will ship them to me without raping me on the customs, duty and handling fees. $295USD is insane enough! Thats FOUR HUNDRED dollars! Not paying an additional hundred dollars in taxes, duty and importing fees!! But anyways, the shoes I have been obsessing about since I saw them:

Would you spend crazy amounts to get JELLY shoes? Even if not, are there any jelly shoes you are really feeling? I know there are some cute Kate Spade ones out there also! What are your thoughts on jelly shoes?


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