Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Too Faced Natural Matte Eyeshadow Palette For Summer 2015

Let me start with - THIS IS NOT AN ULTA EXCLUSIVE!!! I have see many Canadian girls freaking out that this is an Ulta exclusive and wont be available for us Canadians. Rest easy. We will get it. 

Now, that being said, this is part of the Summer 2015 collection and thus we have a bit of time before this comes out. It is available now at Ulta as a pre-release. So no, we dont have it yet. But we are getting it.

Now, the other thing to keep in mind is this is the second palette that Too Faced has come out with with the same name. So if you are determined to buy this ahead of time and not wait for us to get it and choose to go through ebay or another method, make sure you are getting what you want. This is not the same one that came out in 2012 even though it has the same name!

Julep Glow Highlighting Powder In Champagne

Today I have the Julep Glow Highlighting Powder in Champagne. Truth is, I think its the ONLY shade it exists in so I guess referring to it as Champagne is slightly redundant.

I put a bottle of polish next to it so you can see the size reference.

This is much lighter than I thought it would be. So much so that I almost wonder if it might be TOO light for many people. I am about a MAC NW10. I wear light one and light two from Nars usually mixed together. And on me its subtle. Its shimmery, but its not glittery as much as its shimmery. Which makes me surprisingly NOT hate it.

Like the bronzer and the blushers this is FINELY milled and so soft it can be very powdery. So a light hand with a dense brush is all you need. Overall, very surprisingly happy with this product!

Lippmann Call Me Maybe and Harlem Shake Bloomingdale's Exclusives

Loo what Madrose found while shopping at Bloomingdales? A big thank you for her photo! 

Bloomingdale's has two new exclusives, Call Me Maybe and Harlem Shake. The latter is a reissue from the 2013 Big Bang Mini Set and the former appears to be a new color. Her lipstick of the same name is a "cheeky coral" so I assume the same description applies to the nail color like the SexyBack duo. Not available online as of now but both are featured in their new catalog.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Birchbox Brick And Mortar Store!

"We’ve brought the entire Birchbox experience to life—you can shop awesome beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products, build your own Birchbox, get hair, makeup, and nail services, and much more. And of course you can spend and earn Birchbox Points!"

OK, How did I not know that this store existed? Seriously! The upstairs is a shop (you can use your birchbox points also!) and everything is sorted by type not brand. So all the lipsticks are together, all the nail polishes, etc. I am not sure if that sounds like a brilliant way to organize a store or not, but it sounds good in theory. Though so unlike other beauty stores.

You can also try out products, take classes in certain looks (if a birchbox subscriber) and you can make your own Birchbox! For $15 you can choose 5 products from 5 different categories though unfortunately one seems to be perfume. But I am totally intrigued and can not wait to head to the store. Its in the SOHO neighborhood of NYC so maybe I will plan a day around having another custom bite beauty lipstick made before heading over here to build my own box!!!

Chanel Orage & Lippmann Sweet Life Nail Of The Day

So this is my pre clean up manicure for the day. The lovely Orage on one hand, and Sweet Life stil on the other hand!

Kingdom of Colours Collection For Dior Limited Edition Nail Polishes For Spring 2015

So everyone who knows me knows Dior is one of my fav polish brands of all time. And it seems odd I have ignored these polishes, but honestly, NONE of them call my name.

But since I have been getting asked so much about them, here they are. The topcoat is certainly different for the brand, but I can honestly say its not for me.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mia Moretti Collection For Spring 2015

This is not the first bur the second collection Mia Moretti has done for MAC. 

Debuting right in sync to the feverish rhythm of summer festival season, DJ and musical style muse Mia Moretti curates a nostalgic collection for M•A•C that casts the warmth of the spotlight in colours such as sand-toasted peach, Riviera reds and poolside hues. For the playful romantic who dances to the beat of her own drum, Mia Moretti for M•A•C gives you the instruments you need to create your next smash hit.

Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear It For The Boy VS Blue Orchid

So while cleaning the stash, I found another two Lippmann polishes that looked far too similar to not compare!

As you can see these are almost identical as well. Under the macro lens you can see that Blue Orchid (on the right in all the photos above and below) is a tad more muted. an ever so slightly more periwinkle or purple leaning. By a very very tiny margin. Lets Hear It For The Boy (I seriously can not type that name without getting the song stuck in my head) is ever so slightly brigher and more of a cornflower blue.

Deborah Lippmann Sweet Life VS You've Got A Friend

I am currently wearing Sweet Life on my nails and have to say its VERY similar to You've Got A Friend. So close that its hard to see the difference in person. That is both the joy and the curse of my macro lens on my camera. It makes the differences notable, but sometimes I think that gives the impression that shades are less similar than they really are.

In all the pictures above and below, Sweet Life is on the left. And as you can see, Sweet Life is a teeny bit darker (just a hair) and a tad bit more mauve-ey. Now I am talking about fractions of a difference here. Overall, they are so close to the same shade that while I hesitate to ever call two shades dupes, in this case, they really essentially are. So if you have one, you can fairly easily skip the other.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dior Kingdom of Colours Cheek & Lip Glow For Spring 2015

This product may be part of the new Spring Kingdom of Colours collection but it is supposedly a permanent in the line. So the only rush in going out and buying it is that it looks so cool!


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