Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Colors By Llarowe - Part 2

Once more, I am going to refrain from discussing the formula of each of these individually. It is smooth and easy to work with uniformly around the board. They are opaque in two coats for sure, but to be honest, you can almost get away with one coat.

Connie, You Saucy Minx is described as a bright medium purple crelly with intense hot pink shimmer. The description is pretty accurate. And these photos do not do it justice.

Rest In Pieces is a deep purple linear holo with blurple holographic micro shimmer. This is totally holographic and insanely gorgeous and easy to apply. But I would not call it shimmer. This is more of a fine glitter than it is a shimmer.

Smooth Criminal is a blurple leaning linear holo. As you can probably tell based on the polishes I have shown you so far, it has been a big struggle figuring out what to wear first! I freaking love them all!!!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Mia Moretti for Mac Spring 2015 Collection

Debuting right in sync to the feverish rhythm of summer festival season, DJ and musical style muse Mia Moretti curates a nostalgic collection for M•A•C that casts the warmth of the spotlight in colours such as sand-toasted peach, Riviera reds and poolside hues. For the playful romantic who dances to the beat of her own drum, Mia Moretti for M•A•C gives you the instruments you need to create your next smash hit.
So this collection comes out on the 2nd for any of you dying to get your hands on any of these pieces. I must say they certainly have interesting shades in the lip palette! Not sure about that blue and green!

MASCARA MONDAY: Maybelline's Limited Edition Colossal Smoky Eyes Mascara In Blue Blaze

This was a mascara that was limited edition and came out, oh........ 16 months ago. This came out in January of 2014 here and I picked it up about 5 months ago on clearance. This is the shade Blue Blaze. Now I had never tried any of the Maybelline Colossal mascaras before and figured I would try it out. It was $3 I think.

Blue blaze is more a steal blue shade. ALmost a gunmetal shade with blue tinge. And I actually love the shade.

I find black in general is too harsh on me and this shade is great. It certainly doesn't look blue but its nice. And it builds so easily and effortlessly.

One coat:

Two coats:

Three coats:

Four coats:

I actually really really like this mascara and am disappointed its no longer available. If any of you have a good dupe of this one, I am all ears. And if you can come up with a different mascara that has this or almost this shade, that would be even more amazing!!

Benefit Cosmetics Openinng First Ever Store and Salon In Canada

Guess what??? In a few weeks Toronto will be getting its first ever full stand alone Benefit Cosmetics beauty store that also offers salon and spa services! Opening at 2614 Yonge Street between Lawrence and Eglinton this will be the FIRST location the brand has opened north of the border! Now if only some other Canadian cities (Winnipeg, cough, cough) can be next!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

New Photo Angle Pure Pigment Gel Liners For Smashbox Spring 2015

Available in 6 shades, these new liners are a gel liner in a felt tip form. These are said to be smudge, fade and flake proof for a ridiculous 36 hours. Because you know, we all need 36 hours of makeup. Give it a few years and the makeup will last 10 years and we will only have to fix it when we get our IUD's replaced. I mean, give me a break already. But aside from the ridiculous wear time promises, these do look interesting! These are already up on the Smashbox website, and I assume they will land on Sephoras shortly.

Colors By Llarowe - Part 1

I am going to refrain from discussing the formula of each of these individually. It is smooth and easy to work with uniformly around the board. They are opaque in two coats for sure, but to be honest, you can almost get away with one coat. The red one tends to stain a bit (even with a base coat underneath) but really, who cares? You want a fiercely pigmented shade as deep and opaque as this, guess what? Staining can happen. And since I never ever ever go with bare nails or sheer polish, its a completely irrelevant issue for me.

Blonde Ambition. This one is beyond words. Its a gorgeous pink leaning (but not at all pink) insanely holographic bottle of amazingness. Its really beyond words. Its almost a pale rose gold but not QUITE pink enough to actually be one.

My Broken Down Crop Duster is a blackish, greyish, navyish dark brown holo that is amazing.

The Mighty Red Baron is a beyond words. Its a deep red that is cool toned and just shining from within. Its got a linear holo effect, but not the normal rainbow holo you are used to. It almost looks like glowing glass flecks. It dries to an almost matte but not quite matte finish that I topped with a top coat. While I normally LOVE LOVE LOVE anything matte or almost matte, this one has an inner glow that just needs to be let out with a shiny top coat. Its just......... yup, gotta say it. MAGIC. Just go get it now and thank me later.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

NailKale From Nails Inc

I have to admit. This is a new one, even for me. And not so sure I am on board with this. It screams gimmick to me.
Check out this season’s most desirable catwalk inspired shades formulated with kale extract to treat your nails. 
NailKale is the first superfood nail range made with kale extract for stronger, smoother healthier nails. 
Which colour will you choose? 
REALLY? Your nails are dead. I am not sure how kale, superfood or not, is going to do anything for your nails. It would be a different think (though my eyes would still roll a bit) if it was an oil or elixer you were rubbing in to your cuticles, bur REALLY?  I may end up getting some. But not because they are a super food for your nails or because of the kale, but because there are some pretty shades. But really people?

How Do YOU Pack?

So I leave in just a couple days. And that means packing. But I am packing for 2.5 weeks in two different climates (very different) and I need a lot of outfits for dinners and for synagogue and for other fairly fancy and proper events. And that means jewellery, heels, and effort. AND IT DRIVES ME NUTS! 

So I started laying out my outfits to make sure I got it all and hopefully re-use the same shoes, bags and accessories as much as I could. 

New shoes seem stupid (not new but never worn, purchased 6 monnths ago) but I am hoping since they have nike air soles in them they wont be too bad!

Figure this Rebecca Minkoff bag along with my blue mini mac one should be able to do double duty and be worn for dressy and casual.

This dress looks SOOOO bad lying on the ground. But its got built in control top stuff going on in it and looks great on. I have it with these black flats, but can easily switch it up and wear the red heels  or the black wedges if I wanted.

This Ralph Lauren dress has become a go to since I bought it for my brothers wedding night function.

And another dress that has become a go to.

And these Coach wedges I know are comfy. Seems though I pack them for every NYC trip I have gone on yet don't recall ever wearing them at home? Not sure why, but just realized, the last 4 trips to NYC in the last 8 months have been with these shoes and yet never once at home.

And for synagogue, I got this pleated black knee length skirt last time I was in NYC at Century 21 but have not worn it yet. And this is the Tiffany silver beads even though in this picture it kind of looks like pearls.

Another knee length wool skirt I bought last trip at Century 21. But this one I have worn a TON.

So overall, I think I have gotten together all the NOT casual clothing I need for NYC. And I feel like I can wear any of the shoes with black tights if its cold (supposed to be chilly many days) yet can wear them all barefoot in Vegas. So overall, I have worked out my accessories, my shoes and my bags for the entire trip, along with my big bag I wear on the plane.

The accessories:

  1. 14K Rose Gold Earrings (purchased off of zulily a year ago) 
  2. 14K Yellow Gold Earrings (purchased off of zulily a year ago) 
  3. 14K White Gold Earrings (purchased off of zulily a year ago) 
  4. Tiffany and Co. Frank Gehry Orchid double drop earrings
  5. Cate and Chloe Mirabelle "Beauty" Earrings
  6. Cate and Chloe Savannah "plain" earrings
  7. Cate and Chloe Leanne "princess" earrings

  1. Cate and Chloe Karie 'Beloved" Bangle (no longer available)
  2. Chloe & Isabel Rhinestone Open Bangle Set in Antique brass & shiny rose gold (no longer available)
  3. Bangle from Laura's  
  4. Tiffany and Co ELSA PERETTI Aegean Toggle Bracelet
  5. Cate and Chloe Patricia "Noble" Bracelet

  1. Necklace from Laura's 
  2. Tiffany and Co TIFFANY BEADS Necklace
  3. Zoppini Stainless Steel Necklace encrusted with Diamond and Onyx
  4. Cate and Chloe Laurel "Nature" Leaf Necklace
  5. Cate and Chloe Savannah "Plain" Necklace
  6. Tiffany and Co Frank Gehry Orchid Double Drop necklace (no longer available, single drop here)
  7. Cate and Chloe Yesenia "Flourish" Turquoise Pendant Necklac
  8. Silver and Pearl long chain from Laura's
  9. Silver and crystal long chain from Laura's
  10. Cleo's Rust Jasper Stone Statement Necklace
  11. Aldo Accessories multi layered gold and black bead necklace
And all is packed in the pouches they came in, and if not the little velvet pouches from my makeup compacts. 

Then all the not extremely large pieces goes in this cute Bobbi Brown cube bag. The rest I did not want just on its own.

So I took out the chunky necklaces and the bracelets and put them in this second makeup bag. I also put all my hair ties and bobby pins in. So other than my sunglasses all my accessories are packed and ready to go in two nice compact pouches!

Now, I just have to come up with the casual outfits for NYC and my week of Vegas outfits (though the black laser cut out dress will be one of the ones I wear for a night out there) and make sure they work with the 3 pairs of shoes and the accessories. I will also wear either my red Michael Kors flats or more likely my purple/grey/silver desigual flats on the plane, so I will have those as well. 

How do YOU pack? Do you make out a list, do you lay out outfits like this? I usually have it all written out in a long list that I write out and then tweek 20 times for the week or so leading up to my trip. This time I am packing (or starting too) merely 3 days before my trip and feel so stressed out. I am the OCD obsessive list maker usually and this is NOT working for me! 


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